Saturday, January 15, 2005


a page of my diary

We all came into this world for a reason. Or at least we would like to think we did. How do we know what that reason is? How do we know if we aren’t just traveling down the wrong path? How do we pick our battles? How do we define our victories? How do we tell apart our foes from our friends? How do we choose who to trust?

Do people come into our lives only to go away? Do they even realize that they all leave a mark on us? Why do people go away? Can we make them stay if we try? If we really really try?

Is there any such thing as normalcy? Who defines the range of normal functioning? Who decides when the line is being crossed? How can we tell between the good and the bad? And what about the ugly?

If we do something right, can it still feel wrong? Should we apologize for something we didn’t do? Should we forgive and forget? Do we really have to forget?

How do we know when to wait and when to go for it? When to speak and when to remain quiet? When to laugh and when to cry? When to hold on and when to let go? Should we go with the flow or make a statement? Sing along or march to our own beat? Be a part of the crowd or be different and risk being termed a freak?

Should we prefer silence over noise? Solitude over company? How do we know if someone is genuine or fake? How can we tell if someone cares?

Does anyone care?

- By Sameen Amer

Us Magazine, The News - 14th January, 2005