Friday, March 12, 2010

The dawning of Gunkali


Since the release of their song Bachpan, Kaavish has become a well-known name in the Pakistani music industry. The band has gone on to release songs like Choti Khushiyaan and Tere Pyaar Main and has won over an adoring fan-base in the process. Their long-awaited debut album, Gunkali, was finally released earlier this year, along with the video of their song Moray Sayyaan. This week, Jaffer Zaidi (lead vocalist and pianist) and Maaz Maudood (guitarist and backing vocalist) tell Us about their band's new album and future plans:

Us: How does it feel now that your album Gunkali has finally been released?
Kaavish: Gunkali for us is a seed we had planted a long time ago, and we've seen it grow into something unexpectedly beautiful. Immense hard work, sleepless nights, excited moments, harsh criticism, creative blocks, and a lot of faith has led to the day when this album can be heard outside the studios as well. The feeling is of sheer pride and joy.

Us: Why were there so many delays? And what effect did this have on the band?
Kaavish: We think, through the naked eye, one can present a lot of reasons why the album got delayed, but there's always a reason that is beyond our comprehension. That reason is the 'will of God'. Having said that, we think we couldn't be more satisfied with the time of the release of the album. The delay probably affected us in the best possible ways.

Us: You have included revamped versions of Bachpan and Tere Pyaar Main in the album. Why so?
Kaavish: From the time when these songs came out to the final production of the album, the overall sound changed to quite an extent. For that particular reason, Bachpan and Tere Pyaar Main needed to be revamped in order for them to fit the existing sound of Gunkali.

Us: Describe the process by which you guys come up with a song.
Kaavish: Songs are the best blueprints of human emotions; therefore, their creation depends on events and experiences. For us, making a song has always been a process of revelation, as it surely must be for others.

Us: Is there any song in particular that each of you would consider your favourite from the album?
Kaavish: This is probably the one question no musician has an answer to. But if we are to consider, then:
Jaffer: Moray Sayyaan
Maaz: Dekho

Us: Tell us a bit about your new video Moray Sayyaan.
Kaavish: The video was shot by Sohail Javed, and its concept revolves around a woman's memories of a place, people, events, being ripped from her in the blink of an eye. The cast includes Faisal Qureshi, Samina Peerzada and Yamina Peerzada.

Us: What do you think about the current state of the Pakistani music industry?
Kaavish: In the last year or two, the state of the Pakistani music industry – unfortunately – has been as ironic as Pakistan itself. But that's when ground breaking singles have come out that make you feel like there's still hope. In a nutshell, the line on the graph has a slight tilt upwards.

Us: What does the future hold for Kaavish?
Kaavish: The future is always dependant on how you live in the present. So the question is "what does Kaavish hold for the future?" If, by the grace of God, we can continue working with the purest of intentions, sincerity, honesty, and loyalty towards our music, we as Kaavish can promise something better than before, every time.

Us: Is there any way your fans can reach out to you?
Kaavish: They can visit our website ( and they can join our Facebook page. They can also follow us on Twitter (@kaavishtheband) and subscribe to our YouTube channel ( in order to stay in touch with all the happenings regarding the band.

Us: Any message for your fans?
Kaavish: Believe that everything you desire, everything you work for, has a time for its manifestation; and that time is the best time. We thank you deeply for the patience, love and endless support you have shown towards our work. God bless!

Kaavish's debut album, Gunkali, features 10 songs, includes new versions of their hits Bachpan and Tere Pyaar Main along with their latest single Moray Sayyan, and the song Koi Hai Toh Sahee which sees Jaffer and Maaz sharing vocals. The album, which takes its name from a raag that represents morning, was recorded at Faisal Rafi's studio (Silent Music), and was produced and mixed by Faisal Rafi. A host of renowned musicians, including Aamir Zaki, Gumby, Shallum Xavier, Omran Shafique, Abbas Premjee, Javed Iqbal, and Rahat Ali, have lent their musical talents to the record which features complete live instrumentation.

1. Chaand Taaray
2. Chaltay Rahein
3. Sun Zaraa
4. Bachpan
5. Tere Pyaar Main
6. Piya Dekho Na
7. Moray Sayyaan
8. Dekho
9. Dil Main Meray
10. Koi Hai Toh Sahee

- By Sameen Amer

Us Magazine, The News - 12 March, 2010