Friday, December 22, 2006

Bright Idea

album review

: Bright Idea
Band: Orson

Consisting of Jason Pebworth on vocals, George Astasio and Kevin Roentgen on guitars, Johnny Lonely on bass, and Chris Cano on drums, Orson are the latest American band to have achieved success in Britain. Orson’s sound? Think Maroon 5 meets the Scissor Sisters by way of the Rolling Stones, and Bright Idea has proved that this combination is pretty likely to land you a place on the British charts.

So what exactly is Bright Idea like, you ask? It’s catchy guitar-pop – shamelessly radio-friendly, a tad overproduced, and undeniably addictive. It’s the stuff they play to death on radio and TV channels. It’s what you find topping every second pop chart. And it’s the kind of thing that rock critics thoroughly disapprove of.

Sing-along-able choruses and sunny melodies, powered by a rather contagious enthusiasm, the album hosts the (very) catchy hits No Tomorrow and Happiness, the mellower Robbie Williams reminiscent Look Around, the more upbeat Save The World, and the somewhat New Radicals-ish Tryin’ To Help. In most parts, it’s fun and catchy, but look not for innovation and/or depth, for yours will be a futile search. The band hasn’t tried anything particularly groundbreaking and the lyrics aren’t exactly pearls of wisdom. So, in short, it’s an enjoyable guitar based pop-rock record, and that’s about it.

– By S.A.

Us Magazine, The News - 22nd December, 2006

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