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Books for young readers: Enid Blyton

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Books by Enid Blyton

One of the world’s best known children’s authors, Enid Blyton’s writing career saw her publish hundreds of novels, including numerous successful series. The beloved writer’s work has stood the test of time as her books still maintain a presence on children’s bookshelves around the globe. Here are some of her works that young readers might enjoy:

Bimbo and Topsy
The adventures of a Siamese cat and a fox-terrier are relayed in Bimbo and Topsy, a book that was inspired by the author’s real pets. Set in Green Hedges (which is named after Blyton’s real house), the book begins with the arrival of a little kitten that is given the name Bimbo; he soon gets a playmate when Topsy the puppy joins the family. Together the two friends have fun, make mischief, get into trouble, and entertain the readers with their silly antics. The stories are amusing and young readers are more than likely to enjoy this book.

A Hole in her Pocket and other stories
This book features a collection of thirteen short stories about children, toys, fairies, and goblins, which are simple, yet interesting, and ultimately deliver lessons in niceness and kindness. The title story tells the tale of a girl who has a hole in the pocket of her dress, and explains how it isn’t a good idea to put things off, and that helping others can yield unexpected rewards. Other stories include Coltsfoot Magic (A goblin suffers because of greed), I Dare You To! (Two kids learn the downside of disobedience), and He Belonged to the Family (an old horse who is about to be sold comes through for his master).

Come to the Circus!
A young girl has to move to a circus in Come to the Circus!, the story of Fenella, a ten year old orphan who must not only adjust to moving in with her uncle and aunt but also overcome her fear of animals as she becomes a part of the circus. Somewhat less chipper than the other books, Come to the Circus! deals with underlying themes of loss, acceptance, and adjustment, but also offers pleasant and satisfying resolutions, and a reminder of the powers of kindness.

- By Sameen Amer

The Express Tribune - 9th April, 2011

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