Friday, March 23, 2012

23rd March - Celebrity Q&A


Why are you most proud of being a Pakistani? And what is your favourite thing about Pakistan?

Nausher Javed (Inteha): I am very proud of being a Pakistani. Despite all of the external pressures forced on us by different countries just for nothing, we are still able to survive and we lead from the front, whether it is war against terrorism, global recessions, sports, or media. The talent we have, one cannot find anywhere else in the world. And my favourite thing about Pakistan is that it is one of the countries where we still believe in family values and relations.

Annie Khalid: What I like about Pakistan is that in this country we are first class citizens. Nobody looks down upon us. We are the kings of our castle. That’s also my favourite thing about the country.

Rabi Ahmed (Soch): I’m most proud of being a Pakistani because Pakistan is my identity. Despite the fact that, unfortunately, at this time we are notorious in the world and referred to as terrorists, when it comes to being talented, we are not behind. I must say we have many examples of talented people from Pakistan who make us proud, may it be education, art, sports or any other field; this talent factor is my most favourite thing about Pakistan. We, Pakistanis, are emotional people and very much connected to our traditional and cultural values, which makes us original and different! We (youth of Pakistan) just need to realise our potential, polish our skills, and then with the right and positive attitude, we can prove to the world that we are a proud nation of talented people! ‘Uth jawana, karde sawaray, tera mulk doobya wich andheray!

Faiza Mujahid: I just love Pakistan, not the people here. I am proud of my ancestors. Pakistan has given us so much but I am not sure if I should be proud of the people who are living in it. And that includes me. We have a lot to give back to this country yet so that we can be proud of ourselves. That would make us proud Pakistanis.

- By S.A.

Us Magazine, The News - 23rd March, 2012

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