Monday, August 20, 2012

5 minutes with Poor Rich Boy

interview: music mix

Instep Today talks to the band about being nominated at the Lux Style Awards, the upcoming new album, and more...

Instep Today: How and when was Poor Rich Boy formed?
Poor Rich Boy:
We formed three years ago. Danish Khawaja introduced Shehzad Noor to Zain Ahsan and then left for London to study. Shehzad Noor and Zain Ahsan carried on as a duo. Later on, we had new members.

Instep Today: How many members are there in the group? And what is each person's role?
Poor Rich Boy:
There are 6 members. Our roles vary from time to time.

Instep Today: Why "Poor Rich Boy"? What does the moniker mean/signify? And who came up with it?
Poor Rich Boy:
Shehzad's sister called him a poor rich boy because he was whining about something or the other. It signifies upper middle class people talking about some form of suffering with a lot of melodrama, and not even in their mother tongue.

Instep Today: How would you describe the sound of Poor Rich Boy? And in what genre would you classify the music?
Poor Rich Boy:
We aren't sure anymore. I'm sure we do fit into a genre but we aren't sure what it is. We have been called an indie band and I suppose that's fair. That's the trouble with having 6 members in a band.

Instep Today: What does Poor Rich Boy bring to the music industry that isn't out there already?
Poor Rich Boy:

Instep Today: Was it easier or harder than you expected to break through?
Poor Rich Boy:
It was just as hard as we expected.  

Instep Today: 'Alice' has been cited as one of the standout tracks of 2011. Were you expecting the song to be this successful? Or were you surprised by its success?
Poor Rich Boy:
I don't think we were expecting anything as such. We hoped people would like it. I guess we were surprised. It was nice.

Instep Today: Please tell us about your new song, 'Finger'. What is the song's meaning/significance?
Poor Rich Boy:
The song is about trying to feel better even though there is no reason to.

Instep Today: Please tell us about your upcoming album Old Money.
Poor Rich Boy:
It is almost done.  

Instep Today: How soon will the album release?
Poor Rich Boy:
End of 2014

Instep Today: Where does a band that's doing songs in English stand in the Pakistani music industry?
Poor Rich Boy:
We are a big hit in the burger community and with po mo hipster community.

Instep Today: Do you have any international aspirations? Are you working towards making a mark internationally?
Poor Rich Boy:
We did. We would very much like to just play live. Anywhere really. Abroad would be nice.

Instep Today: Do you think the music that you listen to influences the music that you make? Who are some of your favourite artists?
Poor Rich Boy:
Yes, we do. It would be hard to list down who our favourite artists are because there are 6 band members and no management.

Instep Today: How do you feel about getting an LSA nomination?
Poor Rich Boy:
Queasy. We went to it though. We had free food. It was awesome. The food I mean.

Instep Today: Where do you see the band in the next five years?
Poor Rich Boy:
In the next five years, I see the band broken up, with its members not being able to look at each other.

Instep Today: What can we expect from Poor Rich Boy in the coming months?
Poor Rich Boy:
Nothing but disappointments.

- By Sameen Amer

Instep Today, The News - 20th August, 2012

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