Friday, April 05, 2013

Celebrity Q&A: Head of State for a day


If you were made the Head of State of Pakistan for one day, what would you do?

Haroon Rashid: Increase the education budget by 1000%; make friends with our neighbours; increase women’s rights; make it mandatory for every TV channel and radio channel to have positive social public service messages; have free Wi-Fi in as many areas as possible to increase the flow of information and education; start a mobile phone based education system; and educate the masses on inter-faith peace and build bridges between the various communities.

Natasha Saleem: Make education mandatory for all the years to come. Need it the most for people to open their minds to new ideas and ways to live to progress and for them to think for themselves and stop following mobs like mindless sheep.

Shahrukh Sheikh: I’d make arts and music education compulsory for every child. I’d put a fine on anyone who gives money to beggars instead of charity organisations. I’ll make entertainment completely tax-free, and make it accessible to people belonging to every class.

Xulfi: I think every thing “wrong” in our country is due to a certain mindset we have developed as a nation over time. Hence, to solve this, I will not make hasty changes to the system, but would introduce a subject in our every coursework. That subject will be called Humanity. Before anyone is taught Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, Mathematics, Physics, etcetera, this would be a course they need to study, understand, and pass before they can attempt any other subjects. This solution is due to the frustration I have with the present “everything” in our country. The general mindset of our people stops us from evolving and caring about our fellow humans, irrespective of cast and religion. Maybe we cannot change the present generation. Therefore, my solution, whatever it might be, will be to try and make a better and more human next generation of Pakistanis.

- S.A.

Us Magazine, The News - 5th April, 2013

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