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Taking notes while you’re reading a textbook or attending a class is very likely to help you retain information, and your notes will also make it easier for you to revise your course material later. And with Quicklyst, the note taking process just got a lot neater. The service aims to help you “take better notes” by providing you with the tools to “take beautiful outline-style notes that help you structure your ideas”. It works on any device with a modern web browser; you can make use of Quicklyst whether you’re on your PC or a mobile device (like an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or any Android device). The site is secure and backed-up daily, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. The service is useful for classes of any kind; you can even insert formatted mathematical equations into your notes. You can also use the website to “easily structure your ideas before you begin writing that A+ essay, impressive report, or amazing story”. Quicklyst has a simple interface and is extremely easy to use, so whether you are “a student, professional, thinker, or tinkerer”, the site can help you organise your thoughts, and create lists and notes quickly and easily. Simply sign up to Quicklyst for free and get started.

Study Blue
Study Blue is a free mobile social facility that lets you “make, study, and share online flashcards, study guides, and quizzes”. A digital study tool for students, the website serves as a platform to “learn better, learn together, and get smarter” by helping you improve your study habits through digital flashcards and online class notes that cater to the ever increasing demand for more mobility. Sign up and log in to your Study Blue account and you will be able to join a class, make flashcards, and upload files; your documents will be stored and available on-the-go and you can also easily transform the uploaded material into flashcards. Plus, if you’re looking for something in particular, you can search for keywords to find the best matched results for either materials, classes, or people. So visit Study Blue and let the website help you achieve your academic goals.

Almost akin to a web based, multidimensional, and more engaging substitute for PowerPoint, Projeqt is a service that helps you create “real-time presentations with dynamic slides” online. Aimed at both students and teachers, and hoping to encourage creativity in the classroom, the site lets you insert elements like videos from the web, audio clips, and even live tweets or blog feeds into your presentations. After you are finished working on your project, it will be automatically optimised for every screen, from bigger PC monitors to smaller tablets, and you can also embed it on your own website. With Projeqt, students can “access, share, create and review their work from anywhere, at anytime”, and express their creativity by “tapping into the best of the web”.

Newsletter, general knowledge
Now I Know
You learn something new every day. Or do you? If you’re starting to feel like this old expression is failing you, then go to and sign up for their newsletter to learn all sorts of interesting things every day. You will get a daily email that will teach you something completely new and different that you (probably) didn’t know before. The newsletter covers everything from significant events to remarkable people, and you are very likely to come across information that you had no idea about. Did you, for instance, know that carrots used to be purple? Or that Abraham Lincoln created the secret service … on the day he was shot? There is a lot of information here waiting to be discovered, so go through the archives to see what interesting facts and trivia have been discussed so far, and sign up for daily emails to find out something new every day.

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