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Easy Halloween crafts

Paper jack-o’-lantern

- Sheet of orange card paper
- Pieces of green and black paper
- Scissors and/or paper cutter
- Glue

1. Take a sheet of thick orange coloured paper or card paper. Fold and refold lengthwise and cut into eight roughly equal strips. (You can add another two to four strips from a second sheet of paper if you want to decrease the empty space between strips in the finished jack-o’-lantern.)
2. Place the strips in an eight pointed asterisk arrangement with one end overlapping in the middle, gluing them together as you add each strip to the formation. You can staple the centre for reinforcement.
3. Lift the open ends of the strips upwards, and glue each of them at the top till they form a round shape.
4. Paste green paper leaves and stem on top and add black eyes, nose, and mouth to finish the jack-o’-lantern appearance.

Paper web

- Sheet of paper
- Scissors (or cutter)

1. Cut the sheet of paper into a square.
2. Fold across the diagonal to get a triangle.
3. Fold across the middle to get a smaller triangle.
4. Lift the right edge and fold one third of the way in. Repeat with the left. (This is the same fold that is commonly used for snowflakes.)
5. Cut equidistant (straight or slightly curved) slits across on one end while leaving one edge intact. Cut off the pointy end as well as the excess paper at the top.
6. Unfold.

Halloween candy wrappers

- Sheet of white paper
- Black marker
- Scissors
- Candy bar

1. Place your candy bar in the middle of a sheet of paper, and cut the paper to about three times the width of the bar and two inches longer than the bar’s length.
2. Cut a round shape at the top of the paper and draw a ghost face in it.
3. Fold the bottom of the paper inwards.
4. Fold the paper inwards from the left and right till it covers the bar.

- S.A.

Us Magazine, The News - 31st October, 2014 *

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