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“The experience has been great so far” - Junaid Khan

interview: catching up

Former Call vocalist Junaid Khan talks about his solo musical efforts and small screen career

Singer and actor Junaid Khan has recently released his long awaited new single ‘Keh Do’, and has also appeared in a number of television serials. We got a chance to ask Junaid about his new music and upcoming acting projects. Here's what he had to say…

Instep Today: Your new song and video 'Keh Do' have finally been released after months of delay. Why was the release postponed after you initially announced the track in August last year?
Junaid Khan:
Well, I had to reshoot the video due to certain reasons, hence the delay. Plus I believed the message that I wanted to convey through 'Keh Do' would have a better impact if I release it around Valentine's. So I guess everything happens for a reason.

Instep Today: What was the inspiration behind the song?
What I have observed living all these years is that in our everyday life we hold so many grudges for people around us due to reasons which sometimes we aren't even sure of, and because of those reasons we hold back our expressions of affection towards them. These people can be our parents, siblings, other relatives, friends, work colleagues. We do love them, but due to those reasons we don't tell them that we actually do care for them. Only when those people aren't around us do we realize that we should have expressed (our feelings) and then those thoughts become regrets. My message through 'Keh Do' is to express to our dear ones now when you have them around you; tell them you love them and care for them and will support them despite any misunderstandings. We should learn to forgive and forget and keep smiling and keep making efforts to make others smile, even our worst enemies. These thoughts inspired me to bring 'Keh Do' to people.

Instep Today: Are you satisfied with how the 'Keh Do' video turned out?
I guess that is up to the people to decide if the video is able to communicate the concept behind the song effectively. If you ask me, I am satisfied with how I wanted to communicate the concept, though of course any message can be communicated in a better way, or maybe I am just a bit critical about my own work.

Instep Today: Your solo work so far has been markedly different from your work will Call. Is there a reason you have started your solo career with more mellow tracks?
There is no specific reason. I have transferred my thoughts into various tracks that I haven't yet released but have created during the past year, out of which majorly are hard rock numbers, but it is by chance that both the songs that I have released so far - 'So Close So Distant' and 'Keh Do' - are mellow ballads. Even at the time with Call when Jilawatan was released, 'Sab Bhula Kai' and 'Bichar Kai Bhee' were released one after the other, both being mellow tracks. But one thing is for sure - I will announce very soon the release of my next track which is purely a hard rock track.

Instep Today: Could you please tell us about the next (hard rock) track?
I will announce the name and will release teasers for the track really soon. There are certain messages that are well let out when communicated aggressively. This track is going to be the depiction of my aggression and is something purely for the fans who follow rock.

Instep Today: Is your debut solo album also in the works? How soon will it be released?
Yes, I have written all the tracks and am working with producer Sami Khan and tracking them these days. I will announce the album release date really soon too, once I am done tracking.

Instep Today: Do you have any plans for live shows soon?
Yes, I am going to be performing live with my band really soon in Pakistan and also abroad. Details will be given on my social pages.

Instep Today: You have made your mark as an actor during the last year. How has your acting experience been so far?
The experience has been great so far. I am lucky enough to be able to work with professionals from whom I have been able to learn a lot. Last year, I was nominated in the Best Actor category at the Lux Style Awards. This year, I have been nominated for the same by a channel. Hence the journey has been great so far.

Instep Today: What do you say in response to the criticism that your roles and acting have been too similar in various dramas?
Well, my first two plays Dil Ki Lagi and Kabhi Na Kabhi were sitcoms in which the role was quite friendly; those were release around two years back. In the recent years at Hum, my first play was Mujhey Roothney Na Dena in which I played a very compromising friend and husband too, and hence the role was different as well. Just by chance, Mata-e-Jaan, Yahan Piyar Nahin He, and Madiha Maliha were released consecutively and were hits, hence the label of me doing similar roles. My next two projects Ek Maamooli Si Larki and Qadoorat have me in quite friendly roles. Another one, Un Suni, is probably the most difficult character that I have done so far.

Instep Today: What can you tell us about your next serial/drama Qadoorat?
Qadoorat is set for release on the 27th on Hum TV. The name Qadoorat means “jealousy” and is about a character played by Sanam Saeed depicting what a human being is capable of doing while carrying the sentiment of jealousy. The cast has Momal Sheikh, Deepak Parwani, and Angeline Malik alongside me.

Instep Today: Can you please tell us about Un Suni and your character in it?
Un Suni is being produced by actor Sajid Hassan for AKM Productions. The character that I am playing in it has been the most challenging for me. The character has various moods and shades, the type of character I loved doing the most. The network hasn’t announced a release date for its airing. The cast has me, Mehwish Hayat, ZQ, and Sajid Hassan himself in the lead roles.

Instep Today: Are there any other (music or acting) projects that you are currently working on? What can we expect from you in the coming weeks?
Yes, on the music front a few rock tracks and the album are underway, and on the acting front there are a few more scripts that I am going through to finalize.

- By Sameen Amer

Instep Today, The News - 21st February, 2013

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